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Sodium Tripolyphosphate

JAY CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES offers Sodium Tripolyphosphate that is used as main auxiliary of synthetic wash, soap synergistic agent, water softener, leather pre-tanning agent, and many others. Sodium Tripolyphosphate is water soluble and can soften the hard water. We are a prominent Manufacturer and Supplier of Sodium Tripolyphosphate.

Chemical & Physical Properties
  • White Powder
  • Melting Point 622 degree centigrade
  • Easily soluble in water
  • Can soften hard water
  • Slightly alkaline

  • Molecular Formula : Na5P3O10
  • Molecular weight : 367.86
  • CAS No : 7758-29-4
  • HS Code : 28353100

Used in
  • Manufacturing of ceramic tile
  • Gum synthesis
  • Food industry
  • Poultry process
  • Metal industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry

  • In 25Kg or 50 Kg
  • 1000 Kg net PP/PE bag
  • 23mts in the 20âFCL

  • Avoid Moisture
  • Should not be put in the open air

Additional Information

Product Code Sodium Tripolyphosph